The one in which I sound like BlogHouston

I'm sure the governor's staff doesn't like this Channel 2 Houston news piece about Perry's replacement for the Governor's Mansion.

Local 2 Investigates the Texas governor's posh new home you're paying for. Did you know Governor Perry moved?

The change of address came as a surprise to many state representatives and senators, too, because it happened after the Legislature let out for the year.

Investigative reporter Amy Davis uncovers the tab you're picking up for Perry's new place.

Seriously, am I watching KPRC news or Hard Copy? That's embarrassing.

Plenty of people think the tab was a little over the top; perhaps so. But do I really have to feel like I'm watching Hard Copy? Also, making it out to be a serious "investigative reporting" piece is shameless. This story is months old and was revealed by press release. Please.

Posted by Evan @ 01/18/08 01:54 PM


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