Photoshopping? Bad. Photoshopping badly? Really bad.

That's embarrassing:

The brochure that U.S. House candidate and former Sugar Land mayor Dean Hrbacek mailed to voters this week says, "Dean's record speaks for itself."

But his physique does not. In a photo next to the words of praise, Hrbacek's body is spoken for by the torso of an appreciably slimmer man.

The picture, presented as a true image of the candidate, is actually a computerized composite of Hrbacek's face and someone else's figure, in suit and tie, from neck to knee caps. The give-away is a flawed fit of head and collar.

Hrbacek, a tax lawyer and accountant, did not return calls about the campaign literature Thursday. He is among 10 Republicans seeking the nomination to run against U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford.

But campaign manager Scott Broschart admitted the image is a fake.

Hrbacek has been so busy meeting voters in the 22nd Congressional District that he had no time for a photo session that would have produced a full-length, genuine photo for the political mailing, Broschart said.

So Hrbacek's campaign consultants at the Patriot Group in Austin whose clients have included congressmen, elected state officials and politically influential homebuilder Bob Perry put the headless body with the candidate's disembodied head.

You can go look at a small photo of the image in question at the Chron article. Even with a bad resolution, it doesn't look real. If you're going to photoshop, at least make it look good! Sheesh.

I'm pretty baffled as to why Hrbacek's campaign issued a statement saying that he has no time for a photo session. Really? That's pretty standard. This may seem silly and non-substantive, but this is the basic tackling-and-blocking of political campaigns. When you can't do that, it calls everything else into question. And the response is equally bizarre: what do you pay your political consultants for, if they won't even fall on their sword for you?

Also, my favorite take on this was from Evan Smith: "Can't They Photo Shop a Vowel Into His Name?"

Posted by Evan @ 01/18/08 01:30 PM


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