Michael Lindenberger, DMN:

A federal commission created by Congress called for big increases to the federal gas tax on Tuesday as part of a sweeping overhaul of how America builds and pays for its highways, bridges and transit systems.

The proposal for a 40-cent increase over five years touched off a stormy debate in Washington that is expected to last until at least 2009, when legislation governing scores of transportation programs expires and must be rewritten.

In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry condemned the proposals.

It'd be reasonable if taxes are cut -- preferably of the payroll variety, for anti-regressivity purposes -- to make it revenue-neutral. Of course, since the government already makes more off every gallon of gasoline than the oil companies, maybe people will stop blaming oil companies for high gas prices. [If you're going to point out facts like that, you should really be getting paid by oil companies. -- ed. I know, right?]

Posted by Evan @ 01/17/08 07:15 AM


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