Your lovin don't pay my bills

Cash on hand as of the end of 2007, via Gardner Selby:

* Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison $7.9m (as of 9/30)
* Attorney General Greg Abbott $7.3m
* Governor Rick Perry $2.7m
* Comptroller Susan Combs $2.6m
* Lt. Guv David Dewhurst $0.8m
* Land Commish Jerry Patterson $0.51m
* Ag Commish Todd Staples $0.33m
* Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams $0.16

Abbott didn't want to talk politics. But an Abbott adviser said, on condition of anonymity, that there won't be an Abbott-Dewhurst brawl for lieutenant governor. The two get along. Also, Abbott is disinclined to challenge a sitting lieutenant governor. My take: He wouldn't want the blame for triggering a partisan bloodbath.

Selby throws around some speculation about who'll run for what, before acknowledging the elephant in the room: everything depends on what Kay Bailey Hutchison decides to do.

Of course, that's what we thought in late 2005 too, when it looked like KBH was going to challenge Rick Perry. Then she waited so long that Carole Strayhorn announced a quixotic primary challenge cum independent bid.

Posted by Evan @ 01/17/08 06:44 AM


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i didn't think you knew any songs that old.

Posted by yet another rice alum @ 01/17/08 10:38 PM

I'm full of surprises.

Posted by evan @ 01/18/08 01:02 PM

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