Noriega: not ready for primetime?

DMN's Robert T. Garrett didn't seem particularly impressed:

At recent forums, Mr. Noriega has consumed most of the time he was given for opening remarks by recounting at length his service as a Texas Army National Guard officer in Afghanistan and on the Texas-Mexico border, and as a civilian coordinator of relief for Hurricane Katrina victims in Houston.

While the five-term state lawmaker clearly believes his résumé sets him apart, he tends to leave himself little time to spell out why Mr. Cornyn should be unseated. He also leaves arguments unfinished. At the Central Texas Democratic Forum in Austin on Thursday, Mr. Noriega compared the election to an employee's annual job performance review.

"We have the opportunity now to say, 'Mr. Cornyn, you know what? You did a great job. We want five more years of that,' " Mr. Noriega said.

However, instead of urging voters not to give the incumbent a second six-year term, Mr. Noriega began to reminisce about growing up in the 1960s, during the U.S.-Soviet race to put a man on the moon.

Cornyn isn't the sort of guy who makes a lot of mistakes on the stump. And reviews like this aren't going to entice the Democrats DC money machine to turn on the spigots for Noriega.

Posted by Evan @ 01/11/08 09:46 AM


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