Because everyone wins when the leaders feud...

FWST's The Insider:

A student asked Craddick about getting members to propose legislation he wanted. Craddick denied ever doing that.

"The speaker's job isn't to ask members to introduce a bill," Craddick said.

Dewhurst, meanwhile, had no trouble boasting of bills he maneuvered, though they didn't have his name on them.

And while Craddick never publicly discusses his favorite backstage tactics, Dewhurst happily recounted how he forced the House to pass a water bill he helped write.

Dewhurst picked six bills Craddick wanted to see made into law and claimed he was too busy to bring them up in the Senate.

Once the water bill passed, Dewhurst said, his schedule miraculously cleared up.

Posted by Evan @ 11/22/07 09:00 PM


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