Anyone want to be a member of congress? Anyone? Bueller?

Riddle me this. The setting: a very vulnerable incumbent who had previously drawn a plethora of challengers. Due to some unusual legal rulings, the very vulnerable incumbent had managed to squeak through a victory against a weak write-in candidate despite vastly outspending the weak write-in candidate.

You would think that this very vulnerable incumbent would draw lots of challengers, wouldn't you? I would. And yet, as of today, we still only have Sekula-Gibbs running against Nick Lampson.

What a bizarre world we live in. I'm almost ready to declare my candidacy. Heh.

Posted by Evan @ 08/08/07 08:42 AM


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Uh... this site says there are a number of GOP challengers to Lampson, including Tax Assessor PAul Bettencourt and State Rep. Bob Talton...


Posted by David @ 08/10/07 08:15 PM

Bettencourt said he wasn't running a long time ago. Talton is quite possibly running, but hasn't announced.

Posted by evan @ 08/11/07 07:27 AM

Throw your hat into the ring Evan...

Posted by David @ 08/15/07 03:46 AM

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