That fake plastic optimism**

Vince writes, in a post on recruiting Tommy Merritt challengers:

You might wonder why Republicans are doing this. After all, it's pretty evident they are going to lose control of the House in 2008, if not then by 2010.

I don't suppose he'd like to put a sizeable sum on which party controls more seats in the Texas House in 2009? No, I don't think he would.

But his post is hilarious to me. It's entitled "Republicans Plan to Eat More of Their Own in 2008." Seems to me that the lesson of the last 2 election cycles is that Democrats have eaten plenty of their own...and seemed to enjoy it very much. So if there's a "statewide schism" in the GOP as Leibowitz suggests, then there must be a permanent cleave in the Dems.

Meanwhile, Leibowits is drawing this grand conclusion from one example: Tommy Merritt. But folks like Guv Perry and Speaker Craddick are longtime non-fans of Merritt. And that's why he's still in the House and not the Senate.*

*See the SD1 special election a few years back.
** I'm listening to Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees.

Posted by Evan @ 08/08/07 11:30 PM


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