George Strong's rumors

Houston Democratic political consultant George Strong posts a few interesting rumors.

One is nothing new: both John Sharp and Tony Sanchez are considering running for governor of Texas.

The second is somewhat surprising: that Kinky Friedman might have some "big endorsements" from Democrats.

Another is bizarre: that Dewhurst will be the nominee for governor, not Perry. I've heard no rumblings of the sort, and I doubt that if Dewhurst were considering it he would have endorsed Perry. What particularly doesn't make sense is that the way Strong phrases his rumor appears to suggest that Perry might step down. I don't see that happening.

Also, Strong mentions a new website started by some Austin Democrats. has a poll for each race this next cycle -- from statewides to the legislature to county races. The poll for governor currently lists Lance Armstrong, Chris Bell, Paul Hobby, Ann Richards, John Sharp and Roy Spence.

For what it's worth, Bell leads Sharp 11-5 at the moment.

Posted by Evan @ 07/06/05 04:32 AM


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