Final Sopranos

Stunningly brilliant. Exactly what it should have been. A worthy ending for the best tv show of all time.

Update: William F. Buckley agrees with me. His reasoning is pretty similar to mine.

That was the genius, the parable, of the most successful television drama in history, giving the viewer hour after hour, year after year, exploitation of sex, exhibitionism, murder, sadism, cynicism and hypocrisy. And, according to David Chase, we are to remember that such is as it is. There was no pictorial, no dramatic end to "The Sopranos" because its point was to depict life (a) as practiced by the Mafia, and (b) as tolerated, and in fact swooned over, by the viewing public.

Posted by Evan @ 06/11/07 03:04 AM


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Sadly it seems that no one got it.

Very good ending however.

Posted by Cory @ 06/11/07 02:58 PM

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