Did you hear the one about the trial lawyer and the state rep?


With today's announcement by San Antonio plaintiff's attorney Mikal Watts of the formation of an exploratory committee and with rumors swirling about the intentions of state Rep. Rick Noriega, Democrats seem more confident about their prospects to grab a statewide office than at any point in the last 10 years.

While surely they didn't get excited about Chris Bell and Barbara Radnofsky, Kronberg must have a short memory. He's either easily convinced or wants to be. A trial lawyer and a state rep?

Remember how excited the Democrats were in 2002? They were so confident that they were going to win early in the cycle. They had the dream team, which John Sharp thought was his ticket! Going into election day, they still thought they were going to win the Lt. Guv. post. They lost that by 6%. Heavily touted Ron Kirk -- 60 Minutes was so hyped about him that they did a fluff piece on him a week or two before election day -- lost by 12% to the underrated John Cornyn.

And Tony Sanchez, despite spending something like $70 million, lost by 18% to Rick Perry. What an investment.

Posted by Evan @ 06/01/07 05:37 PM


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