Sylvester Turner running for speaker

Speaker Pro Tem Sylvester Turner has filed for speaker, according to Kronberg. He's been one of Craddick's top lieutenants for the past few sessions, so it would appear that Craddick would be unable to win re-election if the entire House were to return in 2009. Too many people smell blood and think they can be speaker.

However, the entire House won't return in 2009. Ay, there's the rub!

Sidenote: perhaps Turner is trying to headoff a primary challenge by declaring for speaker. After all, he can't possibly think he has a chance of winning the speakership, can he? Most of the Democrats wouldn't vote for him [I assume], and Republicans aren't going to vote for a Democrat.

Posted by Evan @ 05/30/07 03:27 PM


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