Common sense prevails over Orwellian ideas

Lisa Sandberg, on the Chron blog:

The House voted unanimously last night to bar municipalities [HB922] from nabbing speeding drivers with automated devices.

Rep. Vicki Truitt, R-Southlake, said there's no conclusive evidence that automated devices such as cameras or radar result in fewer road crashes. Moreover, cameras could be used not just to crack down on speeders, but to go after motorists not wearing seat belts or motorists with expired inspection stickers. "At what point do you stop? What does it end?" she said.

Dallas Republican John Carona is the Senate sponsor of the bill.

According to Sandberg, the House almost attached a red-light camera prohibition to the bill as well, but did not because the House feared that then the bill wouldn't pass at all.

It's a shame the Texas Senate apparently doesn't have many civil libertarians.

Posted by Evan @ 05/03/07 12:21 PM


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