Brooks on Talton

DMN's Karen Brooks profiles Rep. Talton:

Mr. Talton is a 14-year lawmaker from his native Pasadena. A lawyer with a history in family law and criminal defense, he was once a House leader who worked to help put Mr. Craddick into the speaker's seat.

When he was elected in 1992, he was the first GOP representative in a district that had been historically Democratic. He has designs on Tom DeLay's old congressional seat, though he hasn't decided if he's going to run for it.

Mr. Talton is one of the Democrats' most valuable players this session, a self-appointed enforcer in the wake of the divisive fight to unseat Mr. Craddick. He has delayed and crippled bills by at least four House committee chairmen Democrats loyal to Mr. Craddick and has hammered a couple of GOP chairmen as well. He acknowledges that he's got a hit list, and the thought makes him smile.

If Talton thinks he's going to win a congressional seat by aligning himself with Dunnam and Burnam, I think he's mistaken. Truth be told, he was never really a front runner, but less so now. He might want to stick to running for re-election in his relatively swing district in Pasadena.

Posted by Evan @ 04/19/07 02:44 AM


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Talton's acting like a big boob. Taking marching orders from Garnet Coleman and Jim Dunnam won't get him far in any Republican primary.

Posted by Jiminy @ 04/19/07 05:47 PM

Maybe Talton wants to be the "Democrats' most valuable player" in D.C. like he is in Austin.

Posted by Brutus Banquo @ 04/19/07 07:21 PM

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