Linkin it -- Adios Mofo style

1. Dave McNeely's most recent column on the guv race.

2. I thought Waco Trib's op-ed editor John Young had some interesting insights. There was also some stuff I didn't agree with, but I'll leave you guessing on that for now. I'm tricky like that.

3. ABC Austin does a story on the merchandise that has come out about "Adios Mofo".

I still think this story is entirely hilarious. My favorite part: "..."adios, mofo" appears to have existed since at least 1963 and is so common in the military that AMF is its well-known acronym, according to Grant Barrett, project editor for the Historical Dictionary of American Slang. "

So Perry does well with the miltary votes? What's next, hoo ah? (to our veterans and armed forces, we salute you!)

4. David Hill has a column in the Hill (I know, I thought it was funny too) about Hutchison's decision not to run.

5. Perry has a radio ad on the air supporting his school finance proposal.

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