List of committee chairs

Speaker Pro Tempore: Sylvester Turner

Agriculture and Livestock: Sid Miller
Appropriations: Warren Chisum
Border and International Affairs: Tracy King
Business and Industry: Helen Giddings
Calendars: Beverly Woolley
Civil Practices: Byron Cook
Corrections: Jerry Madden
County Affairs: Wayne Smith
Criminal Jurisprudence: Aaron Pena
Culture, Recreation & Tourism: Harvey Hildebran
Defense Affairs and State-Federal Relations: Frank Corte
Economic Development: Joe Deshotel
Elections: Leo Berman
Energy Resources: Rick Hardcastle
Environmental Regulation: Dennis Bonnen
Financial Institutions: Burt Solomons
General Investigating & Ethics: Larry Phillips
Government Reform: Bill Callegari
Higher Education: Geanie Morrison
House Administration: Tony Goolsby
Human Services: Patrick Rose
Insurance: John Smithee
Judiciary: Will Hartnett
Juvenile Justice & Family Issues: Hal Dutton
Land & Resource Management: Anna Mowery
Law Enforcement: Joe Driver
Licensing & Administrative Procedures: Kino Flores
Local & Consent Calendars: Charlie Howard
Local Government Ways and Means: Fred Hill
Natural Resources: Robert Puente
Pensions and Investment: Vicki Truitt
Public Education: Rob Eissler
Public Health: Dianne Delisi
Redistricting: Joe Crabb (who gets redistricted now? judicial lines somewhere?)
Regulated Industries: Phil King
Rules and Resolutions: Ruth Jones McClendon
State Affairs: David Swinford
Transportation: Mike Krusee
Urban Affairs: Kevin Bailey
Ways and Means: Jim Keffer

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