CD23 runoff: Henry Bonilla v Ciro Rodriguez

I haven't really written much about the runoff in CD23 between Bonilla and Rodriguez.

I guess it's mainly because I'm doubtful that the race will even be that close between Bonilla and Rodriguez. Democrats may be able to raise the money for the race nationally, but do they really think they can squeak out a victory in this race, no matter how much money they spend?

My guess is that the DCCC will decide to take a pass, and Bonilla eases through. But maybe they'll decide to play. It is a good cycle for them with a relatively good district. Even so, I doubt they'll play: if they do, they'll make Bonilla sweat a little, but are unlikely to beat him. Check out what Paul Burka writes:

The problem in District 23, unfortunately for the Ds, is the candidate. This guy previously served in Congress for four terms, and he's running in a district that stretches all the way to El Paso, and he's still going door to door in San Antonio as if he were running for school board. How about raising money? Oh, no, that's not fit work for a man of the people. How about bringing in campaign professionals? Oh, no, that would mean that Ciro's wife, Carolina, could no longer wield what the San Antonio Express-News called "tremendous authority." In a conference call early this week, Texas Democratic members of Congress tried to persuade Rodrigues to turn his campaign over to professionals, who know how to raise money, use direct mail, and do TV spots. A fundraiser from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee showed up, only to have Rodriguez tell the Express-News, "The last thing I want to see is a phone line."

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