Pelosi follow up

The biggest problem with all of Nancy Pelosi's post-election decisions is that she has no strategy. Or if she has one, it's flawed.

Her message right now should have been: Democrats are different. It's not business as usual. So far, her actions belie her campaign promises. Oops.

To wit, today's New York Times' op-ed:

Nancy Pelosi has managed to severely scar her leadership even before taking up the gavel as the new speaker of the House. First, she played politics with the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee to settle an old score and a new debt. And then she put herself in a lose-lose position by trying to force a badly tarnished ally, Representative John Murtha, on the incoming Democratic Congress as majority leader. The party caucus put a decisive end to that gambit yesterday, giving the No. 2 job to Steny Hoyer, a longtime Pelosi rival.

But Ms. Pelosi's damage to herself was already done. The well-known shortcomings of Mr. Murtha were broadcast for all to see from his quid-pro-quo addiction to moneyed lobbyists to the grainy government tape of his involvement in the Abscam scandal a generation ago.

Few mistakes are fatal, but Pelosi has mostly succeeded so far only in setting the bar low.

Posted by Evan @ 11/17/06 03:41 PM


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