Tele town hall

Kronberg catches up to the trend:

We are not in the business of touting new companies or ventures, but a technology is emerging out of Washington that has potentially profound implications for elected officials, campaigns and even commercial marketing.

Imagine being able to dial up 45,000 households in a half-hour and inviting them to participate in a town hall meeting while sitting on the phone at home.

Congressman Kay Granger (R-Ft. Worth) has now conducted two of these town hall meetings.

Politicians have actually been using this technology for about six months. Dan Lungren out in California was the first, but it's caught on like fire since then.

Apparently Granger is the first in Texas to use it. I thought I remembered another Texan using it first, but I can't immediately find proof of that. It'd be surprising to me if nobody has used it until now, but then many politicians are risk-averse when it comes to adapting to technology.

UPDATE: I don't know if he was the first Texas politican, but Republican Congressman John Carter (TX 31, Williamson County) has already used it at least once.

UPDATE 2: Dr. Michael Burgess (TX 26, DFW/Denton area) has used it too.

UPDATE 3: Mike Conaway (TX 11, Midland) did one back in May.

Posted by Evan @ 08/24/06 05:02 PM


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