Friedman: I didn't mean it the first time. Don't investigate Strayhorn

The Statesman has the story on Friedman's campaign changing its mind.

Kinky Friedman has repudiated his campaign's call for Travis County to investigate Carole Keeton Strayhorn's possible misuse of state employees.

"I don't agree with it at all," Friedman said Thursday, a week after his campaign asked Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle to take a look. "It just wasn't right."

Friedman and Strayhorn are independent candidates for governor with GOP Gov. Rick Perry, Democratic nominee Chris Bell and Libertarian James Werner.

Friedman said he didn't know the investigation request happened until he saw it reported.

"Miscommunication," he said, indicating that he doesn't want to sully other candidates.

"Don't pick on Grandma," Friedman said, referring to Strayhorn's declared nick-name.

Friedman's campaign director, Dean Barkley, sought an investigation in reaction to news articles stating that Strayhorn, the state comptroller, has agency aides brief her before appearances, including her pitches for support for governor. Briefing papers given to Strayhorn identify leaders of communities she is visiting (including political party heads) and profile local educational and economic conditions, though political talking points do not appear to be included.

Originally, I thought this was a strange tactic from the Friedman campaign. Friedman is running as the anti-politician. If he starts attacking other candidates, then he loses credibility on his anti-politican plank. Of course, Friedman would love to see Strayhorn gone from the campaign, because then he might have an actual shot at winning. But unless he thinks there's a reasonable chance of a knockout blow, it's not a good idea.

To date, it was the only time three of the four candidates have agreed on an ethics attack. For whatever that's worth, since Friedman doesn't agree anymore.

Which reminded me of this from Bell spokesman Jason Stanford:

"The statement that Kinky Friedman filed an ethics complaint against Carole Strayhorn, just that sentence, conveys levels of absurdity heretofore not known in Texas politics," he said.
Now that he's repudiated it, does that make it even more absurd?

Never a dull moment in Texas politics. Hehe.

Posted by Evan @ 08/19/06 02:22 PM


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Yes, it does.

Posted by Jason @ 08/19/06 02:52 PM

what a phoney.

Posted by hamlitonfan @ 08/19/06 07:18 PM

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