Strayhorn on switching

While I was doing some background research for my interview with Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes, I happened upon this snippet from the December 2003 issue of Texas Monthly. Editor Evan Smith interviews Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn:

Evan Smith: But you do consider yourself a Republican?
Carole Strayhorn: Oh, yes!

ES: Once upon a time you were a Democrat. Any plans to become one in the
future? Because that's one thing out there in the rumor mill: that
you're going to switch parties again. Any intention of running as
anything other than a Republican?

Strayhorn: Absolutely none.

ES: Okay. Let me go back to 2002 again for a second. When Rick Perry,
David Dewhurst, and Tom Craddick were candidates for office, were you
all on good terms?

Strayhorn: I was always on good terms with everybody. I
learned long ago, during my mayoring days in Austin, that you can
disagree on philosophy or issues, but you charge ahead in the
friendship area.

Posted by Evan @ 08/05/06 07:15 AM


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