KBH to announce for guv?

RedState reports that:

According to a highly placed source in U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's camp, the Senator is likely to announce her intention to run for Governor of Texas on or about June 6th.
Nothing like anonymously sourced gossip! Still, it's not surprising.

We'll see if KBH's camp confirms or denies this.

(link via Byron at BOR)

Posted by Evan @ 05/31/05 03:43 PM


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Why hasn't Perry touted his staunch opposition to tax hikes more? Is he waiting to see how he is attacked and then respond as a frontrunner?

What are KBH's real(personal) motives for running?
Is she just bored with the Senate? Or does she hate DC?

Wouldn't a KBH primary challenge weaken Stryhorn...ultimately causing the defeat of both ladies? A KBH candidacy could actually help Gov. Perry!

Posted by Larry McMillion @ 06/01/05 12:38 PM

I like a Gov. like Perry who holds the line. He's Jeffersonian.

Posted by Larry McMillion @ 06/01/05 12:44 PM

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