"the domino effect"

Wayne Slater reviews the gossip over who is likely to run for what and where the chips will fall if KBH announces a primary challenge to Perry:

If Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison seeks to unseat Gov. Rick Perry in the 2006 Republican primary, she sets off a vigorous round of political musical chairs. Here's a look at some of the scrambling that could take place:

Rep. Henry Bonilla of San Antonio has staked a claim to Ms. Hutchison's seat if she vacates it. But Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is also said to covet it. A showdown looms between the Texas GOP's premier Hispanic officeholder and the towering millionaire who runs the Texas Senate.

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn scotches her plans to run for governor and instead seeks the No. 2 job. But Attorney General Greg Abbott, a favorite of the party's conservatives, makes it a race.

An open attorney general's seat attracts a trio of upwardly mobile Republicans: Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams (the party's highest-ranking black officeholder), Texas Supreme Court Justice Harriet O'Neill (a rising female star in the GOP) and Rep. Dan Branch of Dallas.

Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs runs for comptroller, the state's chief tax collector and revenue estimator. Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, a former legislator, throws his calculator in the ring.

Rep. Warren Chisum, a longtime legislator from Pampa and one of the heartiest conservatives in the Texas House, tries to move up to the Texas Railroad Commission.

Others likely to move: Two prominent legislators may run for agriculture commissioner: Sen. Todd Staples of Palestine and Rep. David Swinford of Dumas. As for land commissioner, Jerry Patterson says he's staying put.

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