Two quick notes

1. With the news that Scott McClellan is resigning as White House Press Secretary, does that mean he's coming home to work on mom's campaign? Does Mark Sanders need to worry about his job?

I'm kidding of course. I expect McClellan will probably get a little more involved in his mom's campaign behind the scenese, but I doubt he'll be the public face given who I assume the Strayhorn's campaign target voters are (I suppose this could've changed; I haven't had the time to be paying attention.)

2. I met Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz today. He entertained us with some stories about arguing in front of the Supreme Court. I've heard very good things about this guy, and I can see why. Also, he held my dream job: clerking for the late Chief Justice Rehnquist.

I can definitely see both Cruz and George P. Bush being future statewide officeholders.

(In case you're wondering, I don't have the time to be posting this. I may try and post some this weekend, but no promises.)

Posted by Evan @ 04/19/06 02:59 PM


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I do think McClellan will come work for his mom.

He has before..there would be no reason not too.

I believe it is part of why he resigned.

Posted by Right of Texas @ 04/21/06 10:44 PM

Why worry about Strayhorn when you can vote for Bell??

I just figured out this was your website...

Posted by Funk @ 05/04/06 11:34 AM

Funk --

Not all Yellow Dogs are dead in Texas yet, eh? :P

Posted by evan @ 05/11/06 06:31 PM

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