Zogby *online* poll

Perry 36%
Bell 21%
Friedman 19%
Strayhorn 17%

Online polls should be taken with a very big grain of salt.

Posted by Evan @ 04/02/06 09:33 PM


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There is no way Kinky is above Strayhorn.

Posted by Right of Texas @ 04/03/06 12:54 PM

This is refreshing news for the Kinky campaign. The Zogby Polls and most other political polls only poll likely voters. The base of Kinky's campaign are the 71 percent of Texans who are unlikely voters (which are those who do not participate in these political polls). Kinky's numbers would be much higher than 19 percent if an election were to take place today. This is great for the campaign considering he is not even on the ballot yet.

Posted by Zach Bidner @ 04/03/06 06:06 PM

Or not... =)

Kinky's pretty much a no-factor in this race. This poll can't possibly be right, nor should it be interpreted as a sign of momentum for Kinky. The campaigning hasn't even begun in earnest yet for Perry / Bell / Strayhorn. Kinky's one-liners are going to run dry very soon after he makes the ballot.

Posted by Chris Elam @ 04/03/06 07:39 PM

I think you have Kinky's and Carole's numbers flipped.

Kinky is still in the cellar where he belongs.

Posted by stopkinky @ 04/04/06 06:06 PM

Your description of Zogby as an "online" poll is not really correct. They are a completely legitimate polling organization. They do solicit opinions online as well as with more traditional polling techniques, but they also correct the results to account for population norms -- not like the more typical online polls, which are only unscientific samplings of interested parties. Zogby was pretty much the only pollster who correctly nailed the Bush/Gore race, showing Gore getting barely above Bush in the popular vote; just about everybody else showed Bush getting slightly more.

Posted by Lee Nichols @ 04/10/06 05:19 PM

Zogby is very overrated as a pollster.

Online polling is not yet regarded as reputable, nor does it have a track record of success. Therefore, it's hard to say that Zogby's online polls have predictive power with a good degree of confidence.

Posted by Pvw @ 04/10/06 08:16 PM

BOR has a new poll up on Perry's approval.

Posted by Right of Texas @ 04/18/06 04:25 PM

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