Strayhorn hints she voted for a Democrat?

Bud Kennedy -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Very, very interesting:

[. . .] Strayhorn opened her speech Saturday by saying "how proud we are" of state Rep.-elect Donna Howard, a Democrat and former suburban school trustee who won an upset victory last week in Austin against a Republican backed by some of Perry's top donors.

"I'm staying away from all party politics," Strayhorn said afterward. "I voted for the most qualified candidate.

"I think this state is hungry for independent leadership. People are sick of all the politics. Texans want somebody who can get the job done."

Fascinating. Tacking left?

Posted by Evan @ 02/22/06 08:12 AM


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I think she was happy for the parallel:

A Not-so-Pretty Girl beats the Republican Boy Gorgeous who everyone considered a shoo-in.

Lesson for Perry: Don't pick on her.

Posted by shallowswimmer @ 02/22/06 11:35 AM

Good for Carole 4 names - Even better for future Governor Donna

Posted by texxas redd @ 02/24/06 10:06 PM

Governor Donna? Don't you think you might be getting just a little ahead of yourself?

Posted by evan @ 02/25/06 12:31 AM

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