Today's Chuck Todd column

Chuck Todd writes his National Journal column (pricy subsciption required) on politicians who "aren't running in races this year and next even though it's what they'd rather be doing."

Kay Bailey Hutchison for Texas governor:
We're not 100 percent sure she's going to fit into this category. Despite all the public attempts by prominent Republicans to dissuade her from running, Hutchison may just run anyway. Republican Gov. Rick Perry isn't that popular right now -- he's popular enough to defeat a Democrat -- but he may not be able to withstand a primary challenge from someone as popular as Hutchison. Still, a primary is a divisive thing and we won't be surprised if Hutchison gets talked out of this run. Up until last week, we were convinced she would make a bid, but given Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R) comments about the leadership opportunities awaiting Hutchison in the next Senate, we're now convinced there's a concerted effort to keep her out.

Posted by Evan @ 05/25/05 12:11 PM


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