Perry and Strayhorn are dueling on the air

Robison -- Chronicle:

Gov. Rick Perry and independent challenger Carole Keeton Strayhorn both launch television commercials today, but with different spins on Texas' state of affairs.

Perry's spot brags about advances in economic development, job creation and education during his administration.

Strayhorn's ad focuses on the prolonged inability of Perry and legislative leaders to overhaul the school finance system, a problem she blames on "partisan politics."


Meanwhile, she continues to collect campaign cash from high-profile supporters. She received a $100,000 check from famed plaintiffs attorney Joe Jamail of Houston, on Wednesday, her son and campaign manager, Brad McClellan, said.

McClellan said Strayhorn's TV ad campaign cost at least $1 million.

Black said Perry's television buy was "substantial" but didn't provide a figure.

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