Biographical information for the lesser-known candidates

Brenda Allums -- Kilgore News Herald:

Alvarado is a native of Orange and is currently a middle school assistant principal in the Fort Worth Independent School District. He received a bachelor of science degree in business and management from the University of Maryland. He obtained a master of public administration from Troy State University. Alvarado received his teacher administrator certifications from the University of Texas at Arlington.

He has taught Social Studies at Trimble Technical High School in the Fort Worth Independent School District since 1994. He is retired from the armed services.

Republican Kilgore was born in Amarillo in 1964. He has been involved with politics since 1988. He believes that God's word, the Bible, is the foundation for all law.

Larry and his wife Valerie have been married 16 years and have three children ages. They enjoy camping, canoeing, playing games, taking vacations and serving in their church.

During his service with the United States Air Force in 1984-1988, he served in Azores, Portugal and at NORAD in Colorado. His training in the Air Force gave him the necessary background to enter in the telecommunications industry where he has worked for 18 years.

"The most important decision in all my life occurred when I was five." he said. "I asked Jesus to save me from hell. My family and Sunday school teachers had told me the fate of those who reject Christ. Heaven sounded pretty cool too. I did not realize the tremendous impact following Christ would have on my life here on Earth."

Smith, who is also running in the Republican Primary is from Eastland but now resides in Austin. He received a BA degree from University of Texas at Austin in 1973. He worked as auditor/accountant in what used to be the Texas Department of Public Welfare from 1973-1977.

Smith served in the US navy from 1979-1983 and has been employed in private security since 1983.

"I am a very conservative candidate for the office of Governor of Texas," Smith said. "For those of you in my generation and older, I think you know the importance of leadership."

Werner announced his candidacy during the Libertarian Party of Texas "Weekend for Winners" campaign seminar.

Werner is a software analyst from Austin and he received 1.7 percent of the vote in a race against Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett last year.

There are also bios of Bell and Gammage.

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