I think that story is dead unless it gets resuscitated

Jay Root in the FWST got the same response from the Carole Strayhorn campaign that I did.

First Kinky. Now Carole?

Her aides says it's all rumor, but Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has also refused to rule out the possibility that she, like humorist/entertainer Kinky Friedman, will run for governor as an independent.

Spokesman Mark Sanders was asked Tuesday to deny categorically that Strayhorn will become an independent candidate for governor and not, as she has announced, try to defeat Gov. Rick Perry in the March Republican primary. He wouldn't go that far. "She is a Republican candidate in 2006," Sanders said. "That's what my boss has said in the newspaper and I'm saying that."

In an interview with The Associated Press, Strayhorn said the same thing, even when pressed. She and her aides blame her opponent for the speculation.

This story should be officially dead now. Until somebody goes on the record saying that they heard it from Strayhorn, or until Strayhorn says it herself, it's just rumors.

Posted by Evan @ 12/14/05 07:30 AM


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if she's not planning an independent run, why not say so when asked? it seems to me her answers raise more questions and doubts.

Posted by one tough blogger @ 12/14/05 07:39 AM

Because there's no substantiation of the rumors. I think it's certainly possible that she's considering it, but until there's actual evidence of that...it seems like a distraction from issues.

Supposedly politics is about issues, though sometimes it is hard to tell. ;)

Posted by evan @ 12/14/05 07:55 AM

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