Houston City Council runoffs

Today, we had three run-off city council elections in Houston.

Anne Clutterbuck beat George Hittner in District C with 58% of the vote. A battle of two Republicans that turned nasty at the very end. Apparently, Clutterbuck got the better of it, because Hittner won the absentee ballots, trailed slightly on the early voting, and then got beat by 20% on election day. There's a maxim among political consultants: tread carefully when you have a male candidate against a woman candidate. Driving to my polling place today (I live in district C), I thought this maxim would come into play for a Clutterbuck victory in the high 50's.

In at large 2, Sue Lovell barely edged Jay Aiyer by less than 600 votes. A close battle between two Democrats for a city-wide slot. I expected Aiyer to win with about 55%, but city council elections are tough to follow, and I wasn't very confident of my prediction. Because of the very visible runoff in District C, District C ended up casting about 30% of the ballots in this race, even though it's only about 11% of the city.

In district B, Jarvis Johnson beat Felicia Galloway-Hall 60-40%. I don't live in this district; I didn't really follow the race in the slightest.

UPDATE: Here is the Houston Chronicle's take.

Posted by Evan @ 12/11/05 12:05 AM


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SEIU really delivered for Lovell.

I guess every Dem who supported Lovell is now going to be very quiet in criticizing Tom DeLay and the evils of money and politics, eh?


Posted by kevin @ 12/11/05 01:28 PM

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