Statewide primary rumors

It's that stage of the election cycle where politicians are trying to figure out if they should run for something else or stay put. Consultants are whispering in ears, as well as throwing up trial balloons.

I'm hearing that Christi Craddick is likely to challenge Ken Paxton for attorney general. The ongoing legal issues the AG is dealing with have always meant he'd be high on the list of statewides likely to see a challenge.

I'm also hearing that there are folks sitting down with Dave Carney that may challenge some of the non-Carney statewides.

Given that the Democrats are utterly incapable of putting out any candidates who reflect Texas values, it's good for Texas to see competitive races up and down the primary ballot.

UPDATE: Dave Carney tells me he has only discussed the Greg Abbott re-election campaign.

Posted by Evan @ 03/28/17 02:15 PM


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