1. Kay Bailey Hutchison completed the Capital Challenge to again claim the title of fastest female senator.

2. KBH received "enthusiastically" by the mostly black congregation at T.D. Jakes' church in Dallas. Unfortunately for Kay, probably not many are Republican primary voters.

3. The Statesman blog has rumors that Wentworth and others in the House were planning to prohibit federal campaign funds from being used in state races. That would mean KBH wouldn't be able to use her $7 million in federal accounts to run for governor.

4. Rocker and activist Ted Nugent "has developed a friendship with Republican Gov. Rick Perry. He said the two send e-mails and talk regularly. They met a few years ago through a mutual hunting pal, and Nugent plans to help Perry's re-election campaign next year." (AP)

5. Perry and Hutchison temporarily make nice in fighting for Texas to keep its military installations.

Posted by Evan @ 05/16/05 07:18 PM


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