Ted Cruz says his campaign is "dead in the water"

I just got an email from Ted Cruz telling me that his campaign is "dead in the water." I was quite surprised, as I've been telling people for months that Ted Cruz would win the Iowa caucuses, possibly by double digits.

Apparently they've been mismanaging the millions rolling in, because the financial reports are devastating:

Ted Cruz 2016: Dead in the Water

Ted Cruz's message has been that it's "a time for truth" and that he's different from other politicians. So surely these wouldn't just be ordinary fundraising appeals of a politician?

Yet just a few hours later, Ted told me that he is "out of options."

Ted Cruz out of options

Apparently the campaign is doing so poorly that Heidi Cruz is "worried sick."

Heidi Cruz is worried sick

Literally this seems to indicate that Ted Cruz's iPhone is named Hillary. Will Republican primary voters vote for someone who named their iPhone Hillary?

Urgent Message from Hillary...or Ted Cruz?

Then, after getting 15 emails in three days, the final email before the midnight deadline on December 31st was to appeal to my sense of loyalty to my... zip code?

loyalty to zip code?

Posted by Evan @ 01/01/16 07:39 PM


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