Peggy Fikac got tasked with trying to write something about Battleground Texas that would leave open the possibility that they have a clue. I wouldn't want to get that assignment:

"We were always clear this was going to be very long term. I didn't think about, when we said it, that would mean a lot of heartache every two years," outgoing executive director Jenn Brown said recently over coffee.

A few months before the election those same Yankee Obama consultants were saying:

Without doing anything, Democrats say, they expect to see their vote totals grow slowly over time

With Battleground Texas and its millions, Democrats vote totals went down.

The heartache was on national display when Battleground Texas served as Democrat Wendy Davis' field organization in her longshot effort to beat Republican Greg Abbott for governor and break the GOP's long hold on statewide office.

If you paid any attention to the campaign, there's lots of LOL in that statement. Wendy Davis counted money given to Battledonkeys as part of her fundraising totals, only to disavow them when they did dumb stuff. Plus there's the amusement that many reporters filed pieces (and magazine covers!) acting as if Wendy!'s campaign was anything but longshot.

The group had to speed up its timetable to take on the job, and it wasn't in control of her message.

No independent organization will EVER be in control of the message. With Wendy!, they were about close to having control of the message as possible.

As for speeding up the timetable, they also got to "speed up" their donations.

As it forges ahead, the group last week installed an advisory board including prominent Texas Democrats such as U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio and former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk.

Battleground really is Obama's Yankees. Because no Texan would think that the path to victory is highlighting your ties to Obama cronies.

If Battleground Texas were a business, Steve Mostyn would probably already have sued them.

Posted by Evan @ 09/28/15 07:35 AM


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** Peggy Fikac got tasked with trying to write something about Battleground Texas that would leave open the possibility that they have a clue. **

She's the chief of that dreadful Hearst Austin Bureau, no? So I'd say the dreck that's coming out of the place (including this story) actually is being steered by her, not just falling to her to cover it. :)

I'm not quite sure when she became such a bad journo. Her work at the SAEN did not suggest to me that the output of the combined Hearst bureau would be so bad if handed over to her.

Then again, when the same left-of-center journos run around Austin spouting the same left-of-center "conventional wisdom" to each other, which they then come to regard and report as "fact" in conservative Texas, I guess it's kind of inevitable that the whole thing just kind of congeals into the glop that we labeled "TLSPM" so long ago.

Posted by kevin @ 10/04/15 09:46 AM

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