Jeb Bush announces exploratory committee with a typo

Today, Jeb Bush announced on Facebook that he was setting up an exploratory committee to run for president.

Over the past few weeks, his advisors (or perhaps the candidate himself) were telling reporters on background that they are going to run a savvy, digital-heavy campaign. Per the Washington Post:

Their thinking is that Bush, who was last on a ballot in 2002, would need to be aggressive and digitally savvy, challenging any impressions that he is an establishment moderate with sclerotic campaign skills.

Nothing says "digitally savvy" like having a typo in the third paragraph of your presidential announcement.

Jeb Bush announces for president with a typo

Yup. A whole lotof football.

That typo was up there for about 30 minutes. To their credit, they edited it within 5 minutes of me tweeting about it.

I'm no pedant; it's just a typo. But if you're running for president as a "digitally savvy" executive who is more competent than Obama, then you avoid typos in the 3rd paragraph of your announcement.

Posted by Evan @ 12/16/14 03:00 PM


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