Wendy Davis continues to audition for MSNBC

Wendy Davis must be auditioning for a gig at MSNBC. Why else would she go to New York to proclaim that the Texas model of prosperity and job growth is toxic:

Texas has the tendency and reputation of passing toxic policies that seem to spread across the country

Texas has been thriving. The rest of the country has not been. Picture via Willisms:

Texas is growing while America is stagnant

And yet to Wendy Davis it is a bad thing that others want to imitate Texas' policies and grow jobs. She'll even go to New York to bad mouth us!

Meanwhile, she makes almost $300,000 a year, yet only gives $500 a year to charity...but she owns $600 shoes.

Posted by Evan @ 12/18/13 08:01 AM


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Look for the Abbott campaign to run aggressive TV ads against Davis from now until Nov. 2014.

She's the female version of Romney

Posted by Conservative Democrat @ 12/18/13 04:34 PM

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