Trey Martinez Fischer is a phony

I think someone had mentioned this to me awhile back, but I had forgotten it. on Trey Martinez Fischer:

Ferdinand Frank Fischer, III would be a great name for a Mexican monarchist trying to reclaim the crown of Emperor Maximilian, but itís a lousy name for an ambitious American politician from a Latino district of San Antonio.

That's why Fischer ditched it years ago, trying on a couple of monikers before building a name for himself as Trey Martinez Fischer, politician on the rise.

Before he ran for office, Fischer was reportedly known as Tracy Fischer.

Even better, Fischer breaks the law:

In March 2011, Fischer was all over the news arguing against a voter ID bill that Texas was about to pass. He even gave a deposition in the suit over that law, Texas v. Holder, which the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately decided in Texasí favor.

His story was that his own mother would be one of those poor people disenfranchised by a requirement to show a driver license when voting.

"My mother doesn't have one," was his exact quote. The media lapped it up, as actual examples of this sort of disenfranchised voter are nearly impossible to find.

During Fischer's deposition in the federal case, a lawyer for the state of Texas confronted Fischer with a current copy of his motherís driver license. It was valid when Fischer had given his press conference, and it had recently been renewed until 2017. Fischer had lied.

The Dallas Morning News was the only newspaper to accurately report the incident. The Houston Chronicle buried it, and presented it as some sort of misunderstanding.

Still, Fischer was adamant that the law would be a problem, and it may well be for him. If there is anyone genuinely invested in the principle that one shouldn't have to prove his identity, it's Fischer. In the days of slacker ID requirements, he registered to vote as Ferdinand Martinez Fischer, III.

Of course, it's also illegal to run for office using multiple pseudonyms, but that didn't stop "Trey Martinez Fischer."

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