The road not taken

Back in February 2011, I said that "smarter play is for Dewhurst" to skip the senate race and run for governor. He'd be the frontrunner for governor right now instead of Abbott if he had never run for Senate. Unlike the Senate primary, he would have been unlikely to lose.

Dewhurst and Abbott did actually run against each other for Lt Gov for a brief bit back in 2002, until Abbott backed down and ran for AG.

Instead Dewhurst ran for Senate, and now faces a tough battle to hang on to his seat.

Posted by Evan @ 07/16/13 10:17 PM


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Eh, I think Dewhurst would have faced just as tough of a battle (if not worse) against Abbott for Governor.

Abbott has the unique ability to be a darling of both the grassroots and the establishment in a way that most do not.

Posted by William Clements @ 07/16/13 10:33 PM

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