Dan Patrick/Goeb to challenge Dewhurst...after endorsing Dewhurst's record?

Dan Patrick/Goeb appears to be about to announce his campaign for Lt Guv on a blogger conf call tomorrow. Per email:

Since then, there has been much speculation as to my plans to continue to serve the State of Texas, and that is why I'd like to invite you to a Blogger Conference Call. On this call, I'd be more than happy to discuss this year's legislative session and address any questions in regards to my plans to serve in Austin going forward.
It looks like we know where Patrick/Goeb is aiming:

This year we have witnessed one of the most active and transformative legislative sessions in recent history. I was one of the few senators to stand in opposition to the Lieutenant Governor's reckless and bloated budget which cut funding for border security, increased spending and raided four billion dollars from the rainy day fund.

This is the Dan Patrick/Goeb that endorsed David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz last year. According to Goeb/Patrick, Dewhurst and Goeb/Patrick agree 95% of the time. Or was that 98% of the time?

Gee, Dan, how can you run against Dewhurst when you endorsed all but 2% of his record?

Posted by Evan @ 06/26/13 10:50 PM


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