Inside the Cave

If you haven't yet read Patrick Ruffini's account of Obama's Analytics, Tech and Online divisions, then here is Inside The Cave. Ruffini catalogued the accounts from media reports, as well as original reporting. It's an impressive job.

My reaction might be different than you expect. After election day there was lots of gnashing of teeth on the right about Obama's tech operation. I kept reading the stories and keep thinking to myself, "and...?" Ruffini inadvertently confirmed that Obama 12 didn't do anything mindblowingly new.

Political campaigns don't do revolutionary. They do evolutionary. Best practices are even slower to disseminate in campaigns than in business. Obama 12 was essentially the same campaign as W 04. Both campaigns had lots of time and plenty of money. They did some minor innovations. Some of it even worked.

Posted by Evan @ 01/20/13 07:19 PM


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