Perry to fundraise for Dewhurst on election eve

Governor Perry is headlining a Dallas fundraiser for David Dewhurst on election eve.

Think about that: rather than try to take his last possible chance to motivate or persuade voters, Dewhurst is going to spend the last night of the election raising money.

Dewhurst cares more about getting his money back ( he has loaned his campaign between 10-20 million) than he does about winning. That is astounding.

Even more importantly Dewhurst is signaling that he doesn't expect to win the primary. If he thought he was going to win, then there would be plenty of time later to get paid back. However, once he has lost the runoff, it becomes much more difficult to convince donors to his federal campaign (which has 5k caps anyway combining the primary and runoff)

Posted by Evan @ 07/21/12 08:00 PM


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