Rubio brings the awesome in English or Spanish

Marco Rubio really does crush it in English or Spanish. Watch this interview with Univision's Jorge Ramos for a good example. Univision aired a hit piece on Rubio's brother-in-law awhile back because Rubio didn't do an interview with Ramos. This interview is about as hostile as you can get on Ramos' part, and Rubio just swats it away with aplomb.

[6/27 Note: I changed the original video from Univision's site for the youtube one that doesn't start playing automatically. This one has English subtitles too, which is helpful for at least 99% of the possible readers of this blog.]

In English, here's Rubio at a recent fundraiser in South Carolina, introduced by Senator DeMint.

Rubio's new book An American Son is out today.

Thanks to the intelligence of Florida's Republicans, we got Marco Rubio. Let's hope Texas Republicans are smart enough to give us Ted Cruz.

Posted by Evan @ 06/19/12 04:55 PM


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