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Kevin, Cory and I are launching Texas Iconoclast today. Come swing by and check it out.

The project was born out of some conversations that we had about what we felt was lacking on the Texas corner of the interwebs. I realized that most of my websurfing is to people who aggregate quality content, and we didn't feel that a very comprehensive site existed that does that for Texas politics. Some come close, but we figured we'd pool our resources and tag daily the best Texas politics content, with a bent towards the right.

Right now, we post every weekday morning at 9am, as well as have a sidebar "IconWire" for things that get updated throughout the day. The daily post sometimes gets small updates after that, including on the commentary. We edit each other's commentary, with some favoring snark and others less so, so it is still a little bit of a work in progress, but I've already found that Iconoclast to be on my short list to see what is good in Texas politics reading.

It's likely that most of my writing will migrate over to the Iconblog, where I put a post up on the FEC numbers to date.

Posted by Evan @ 04/13/11 03:37 PM


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Just put it into my google reader and looking forward to making it regular read.

Posted by Bernard Woolley @ 04/13/11 04:27 PM

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