Senate posts roundup

* Michael Williams will announce his candidacy tomorrow at a Texas Tribune event.

* My TexasTribune column is currently 10th in most viewed. If you haven't clicked the recommend button over there, I would be appreciative if you did. Shoot me an email if you do: perryvsworld -at- gmail

* Via Jason Embry, it doesn't look like Elizabeth Ames Jones got a large crowd at her Austin announcement. Not a good sign, though it's very early and not a big deal yet. It's not as bad as being a sitting senator and getting less than 20 people to your long-awaited announcement in your hometown.

* Lawrence Person goes through the starting campaign finance balances for Republicans and Democrats running for the Senate, according to FEC reports. I didn't doublecheck the numbers but they all look right.

* South Steps isn't a fan of a few of the GOP Senate contenders: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Posted by Evan @ 01/26/11 05:10 PM


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