Dumbest scandal ever

There's been a little bit of a fuss here in Houston about the fact that City Councilwoman Carol Alvarado claimed to have graduated from UH when she had not.

That fact alone makes it sound significant, but it's not. Initially, it sounds similar to when once Democratic rising star Lena Guerrero claimed to have a college degree, but actually was lying. In this circumstance, Alvarado thought she had graduated, and there's no reason not to believe her. She completed her coursework, but failed to take a superfluous writing exam that is no longer a degree requirement.

She's a Democrat. I'm a Republican, but I think everyone should agree that this is much ado about nothing. This is not a scandal and it hardly even reflects poorly on her. I'm glad to see that the local blogosphere has treated the issue responsibly.

So what if she was technically not a graduate? Mistakes happen, especially when dealing with arcane graduation rules requirements. She had a job, moved away from Houston and didn't think about it. She didn't get a paper copy, but that's no crime. Some people don't obsess over mere pieces of paper.

This is why good people don't run for office and it's a shame. Criminalizing ethics and innuendo politics are corrosive to our democracy.

Posted by Evan @ 10/27/05 05:15 PM


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