Things I've heard about the TX Senate race I don't agree with, part 2

The Chron/SAEN's Richard Dunham:

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (D)
Strengths: The boy wonder of Texas politics. Very popular officeholder.

Boy wonder of Texas politics? More than a sycophantic NYTMag article should be required for that title. For starters, how about winning an election he isn't expected to win?

Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz (R)
Strengths: A prominent Latino conservative with a track record on legal issues. A compelling personal story
Weaknesses: Has focused on potential Attorney General race in the past. Ivy League background cuts both ways in a Republican primary.

Mr. Dunham doesn't appear to have a very good understanding of who the Republican primary electorate actually is. I might think there's a certain character flaw in choosing Princeton over Rice, but where are the votes in the GOP primary? In the suburbs. Voters who wouldn't mind if their own kids went to Princeton. Having a degree from the Ivy League (or Rice, for that matter) only hurts if a candidate seems like a RINO or thinks he is better than someone else just because of the degree.

I'm pretty sure Charlie Howard has never been hurt politically by the line that says Harvard on his resume.

Former Waco Rep. Chet Edwards (D)
Strengths: Moderate record. Strong support among veterans, business groups. Close to President Obama personally.

Being close to President Obama is a strength? In Texas? What?

Posted by Evan @ 01/15/11 04:45 PM


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