The redistricting sitdown

The Hotline's blog had a Q&A with Georgia Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland. Here's the snippet on Texas:

The Hotline: What states are particularly well prepared?

LW: Pennsylvania is really kind of a model of what these states need to be. They've had meeting after meeting with Pennsylvania delegation up here. So I think it's a pretty good relationship with all of them.

The Hotline: When you mention meetings with the delegation, do you mean that representatives from the state legislature are meeting with the Republican congressional caucus.

LW: Well, each delegation does their own thing. The Texas guys have met with some of their people that are going to be doing reapportionment. So has Pennsylvania. We've meet with some of our guys from Georgia. We're trying to encourage the delegations to do that, to sit down.

In not too long, Texas political blogs will probably be all redistricting, all the time.

Posted by Evan @ 12/30/10 01:44 PM


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I'm going to try and not let that happen on the Almanac. Just an occasional link. There's going to be plenty of funny to spread around though I'm sure.

Posted by Cory @ 12/30/10 08:29 PM

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