Slater needs to get a hold on those horses

Wayne Slater speculates:

There's been some mystery around state Rep. Aaron Pena's party switch from Democrat to Republican. Why would he do it?

That Brownsville/maybe McAllen district could be drawn in a way that's tailor-made for Pena, an Edinburg lawyer. Fact is, Republicans believe there are enough Republicans in the Valley to do the job, if the lines are drawn just right. And while promising Pena he'll get a new Congressional district drawn for him might be wrong, that's the word among some political insiders at the Texas Capitol.

First, notice that liberal bloggers have made it a point to always use Pena instead of Peņa. What word did Slater use repeatedly?

Second, notice that Slater doesn't mention actual sources. It sounds like Slater is letting the horses in his imagination run a little wild. Color me skeptical that he has actual sources, because it sure sounds like he's just passing on gossip from Austin lobbyists who get paid to be information they make stuff up. Every conversation I've had with Republicans, including some at a high level, does not point towards any promise being made. Why? Because they don't think that drawing a congressional seat like that is possible.

Rep. Peņa has said that he switched parties to be true to himself. I'm pretty inclined to believe him, because that's the story that best fits the facts. Given his background and resume, it would have been relatively easy to keep being re-elected to his House seat and wait for an opportunity to run for Texas Senate or Congress, si se le diera las ganas a el. Switching to the Republican party is way riskier for both higher office and staying in the Texas House.

Posted by Evan @ 12/21/10 12:08 AM


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