Draft Marco Rubio

Announcing Marco Rubio vs World!

Ok, ok, that's not really the name. Actually I've spent my spare hours for the last couple days putting together Draft Marco Rubio.

Basically, the more I looked at the Republicans who were running, the more I thought that none of them looked like a winner. Lots of them would have trouble consolidating the Republican base (Huckabee, Romney, etc) or simply have too much baggage to be electable (Gingrich, Palin, etc). Some of them wouldn't be good presidents and some just don't strike anyone as a POTUS.

Marco Rubio has none of those problems. Not only is he likely to be able to raise the money for a run, but he's spent the last two years running against Obama. He doesn't need to search for a message or run a poll. He already has it because he's lived it.

The idea of Marco Rubio running for president seems to initially strike many people as a bit early..."but he was just elected to the Senate!" I had the same reaction when Matt Lewis suggested this last April that Rubio run for president in 2012.

The obvious counter-argument is that he's too inexperienced, and that running this soon might look overly ambitious. For this reason, Rubio's team wants nothing to do with this meme, but the experience factor has been utterly altered by the very man I'd like to see Rubio challenge in less than three years. Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton and John McCain after serving only a few years in the U.S. Senate -- most of which was spent running for president.

Barack Obama's performance as president has underwhelmed the expectations of pretty much the entire political spectrum. But it has nothing to do with age or years in elected office. It has to do with wisdom, competence, and ideology. That's where Obama fails, and where Rubio excels. And arguably Rubio's pre-presidential electoral experience exceeds Obama's anyway.

My hope is that people will watch a few of Rubio's videos (what I call Taking the Draft Marco Rubio Challenge) and then go check out the records and speeches of others running for POTUS. I think

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